Total Liberation Radio Episode 13


TLR 13: Animal Liberation and Atheism – Dismantling the Procrustean Bed

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It was a great pleasure to have Kim Socha Ph.D as our guest.  Kim is an English professor and activist for animal liberation, drug policy reform, and transformative justice.   We highly recommend her book!

Read about the myth of Procrustes here


In a Pew Research Poll in 2013, it is estimated about 24%, consider themselves ‘religiously unaffiliated.’ Notably, the younger generation (those born between 1987 and 1995) are ranked at 29%. (wikipedia)

Check out Christopher Hitchens book


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Benjy Wertheimer: Voice of the Esraj – Faith, Devotion, Remembrance

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TLR Episode 12 – Food Justice

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Thank you to the always inspiring Lauren Ornelas, founder and executive director of the Food Empowerment Project. She is also the former executive director of Viva!USA, a national nonprofit vegan advocacy organization. Lauren has been active in the animal rights movement for more than 20 years.

Check out the issues at You can follow them on Facebook and twitter.

Find out more about United Farm Workers issues here

Read “My Fast Food Confession” from Lauren’s blog here


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If you can’t get enough of Lauren, like us, you can see many of her talks on you tube. Here are some of our favorites.  TED talk, Let Live conference, and IARC.




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TLR Episode 11 – Activism is not Terrorism: AETA

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Huge thank you to our TWO very special guests:

Sarahjane Blum and Carol Glasser

Sarahjane Blum lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and has been active in animal liberation and social justice movements since the 1990s. In 2003, Sarahjane co-founded , a grassroots coalition dedicated to exposing the abuse of ducks and geese raised for foie gras. The following year, the group released a short film, Delicacy of Despair, Behind the Closed Doors of the Foie Gras Industry, documenting their investigation of deplorable conditions on foie gras farms, and featuring the “open rescue” of a number of ducks. After her arrest stemming from this open rescue, she became increasingly active in raising awareness of the ongoing repression of activists throughout the United States. She is currently the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. You can follow her on twitter @sarahjaneblum.


Carol L. Glasser is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Minnesota State University, Mankato and an organizer with Progress for Science. Her work—both in the academy and in the streets—is committed to helping create a more egalitarian world. Her research examines social movements, critical animal studies and gender and she is committed to making academic work accessible and applicable to social justice causes. She accomplishes this by designing courses that allow her students to work within social justice organizations as part of course learning, volunteering her research skills to grassroots organizations, engaging in activism toward freeing nonhuman animals from their position of oppression, and being an ally to other movements advocating for social justice. You can check out her website here.

Read the text of the AETA here

More information about the lawsuit against the AETA can be found  here


Read about the SHAC 7 here

Support Eco prisoners – find a list here

More information about Political Prisoner Support here

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TLR Episode 10 - Total Liberation: The Power and Promise of Animal Rights and the Radical Earth Movement

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A huge Thank You to our guest Dr David Pellow

We highly recommend his new book Total Liberation: The Power and Promise of Animal Rights and the Radical Earth Movement.

David Pellow is professor  of Sociology at the University of Minnesota.  You can see some of his other work  here.

You can find out more about the San Francisco 8 here


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Crimethinc. Civilians guide to Direct Action pdf


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TLR Episode 9 – Disability Justice

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Special thanks to our guest  Liat Ben-Moshe. She is assistant professor of Disability Studies at the University of Toledo.

We highly recommend her book Disability Incarcerated


You can check out her other writings here.



Dead Prez: Let’s Get Free- Be Healthy

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