Total Liberation Radio Episode 15


TLR Episode 15 - Locked down, Locked out: Why prison doesn’t work and how we can do better

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Big thank you to our guest Maya Schenwar.  Maya is the Editor-in-Chief of Truthout, an independent social justice news website.  Check it out here.

You can visit her website here.

Check out Prison Culture blog here.


Get a pen pal from Black & Pink here.

A list of eco-prisoners can be found here.

If your in Minneapolis, check out Women’s Prison Book Project at Boneshaker Books.

Here are some guidelines for writing prisoners.




Dead Prez: Let’s Get Free – Be Healthy

Etta James: Etta James – All I could do was cry

Little Axe: Blues Lounge – Midnight Dream, Long way to go

Organic Grooves: Blues Lounge – Banal Reality

Amy Winehouse: Back to Black – Wake up alone



Total Liberation Radio Episode 14


TLR Episode 14 – The Politics of Total Liberation

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We HIGHLY recommend his new book The Politics of Total Liberation – Revolution for the 21st century.  A less expensive e-version will be available soon here.  Next best thing to having it is to request your local library to get it!  Please do so.

Huge thank you to our guest Dr Steven Best.  He is a writer, philosopher and activist.  Currently an associate professor of Humanities and Philosophy at the University of Texas at El Paso.

Watch the documentary The War of the World here

See the article about the neo nazi co-optation of vegan and hipster culture here.

Other books by Dr Best we recommend:

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You can also see many videos on you tube of Dr Best speaking here. Check them out!

Visit his website here and his blog here.


Dead Prez: Let’s get free – Be Healthy, You’ll find a way

Lee Resevere: Disquiet Junto Vol 2 – Truth is a lonely place

H.U.V.A Network: Ephemeris – Diagrams, Orientations part 2 (Uncertainly Principle), Orientations part 3 (Ephemeride 15:43)




Total Liberation Radio Episode 13


TLR 13: Animal Liberation and Atheism – Dismantling the Procrustean Bed

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It was a great pleasure to have Kim Socha Ph.D as our guest.  Kim is an English professor and activist for animal liberation, drug policy reform, and transformative justice.   We highly recommend her book!

Read about the myth of Procrustes here


In a Pew Research Poll in 2013, it is estimated about 24%, consider themselves ‘religiously unaffiliated.’ Notably, the younger generation (those born between 1987 and 1995) are ranked at 29%. (wikipedia)

Check out Christopher Hitchens book


You can watch Richard Dawkins interview  Peter Singer here

You can read about cultured meat here


Benjy Wertheimer: Voice of the Esraj – Faith, Devotion, Remembrance

Dead Prez: Lets Get Free – Be Healthy



TLR Episode 12 – Food Justice

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Thank you to the always inspiring Lauren Ornelas, founder and executive director of the Food Empowerment Project. She is also the former executive director of Viva!USA, a national nonprofit vegan advocacy organization. Lauren has been active in the animal rights movement for more than 20 years.

Check out the issues at You can follow them on Facebook and twitter.

Find out more about United Farm Workers issues here

Read “My Fast Food Confession” from Lauren’s blog here


Sign the petition against Clif Bar here

Watch The Harvest trailer here


Watch The Dark side of Chocolate here


Watch Rape in the Fields here


If you can’t get enough of Lauren, like us, you can see many of her talks on you tube. Here are some of our favorites.  TED talk, Let Live conference, and IARC.




crk.: Disconnect – Interlude 2

Dead Prez: Lest Get Free – Be Healthy

Overlake: Live on WFMU with Therese – Not enough, We’ll never sleep

Roulet: Beats d’Amour – Seeing you through the smoke,

Roulet: Home Again – Sunny day